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【イベント登壇】EnFi Founding Partnerの垣屋美智子が7/6(土) 「IVS 2024 KYOTO」にて登壇します

■『IVS Kyoto』とは

IVS Kyotoは日本最大級のスタートアップカンファレンスであり、次世代のイノベーションを快速させるアクセラレーターです。



We are pleased to announce that EnFi will be participating in IVS Kyoto. Our founder Michiko Kakiya will again participate in a panel discussion but this time with Jonathan Huang from BITKRAFT Ventures and Will Bohn from Digital Will Inc.

As a game investment professional, expectedly, Michiko would be sharing her insights along with other panellists on the latest gaming trends in both Japan and the world, and any exciting projects VCs are supporting.

  • Game investment trends in Japan and the world | 日本と世界のゲーム投資のトレンド

  • 15:50 - 16:35 on July 6, 2024

  •  Stage: DR3-6 Global



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