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[Press Release] Press release has been distributed

EnFi is pleased to announce that it has established its second fund, the EnFi Global Game Fund, and has begun making new investments.

EnFi Global Game Fund is a fund of funds (FoF) that invests in multiple game-specific VC funds to support the growth of the game industry and benefit from active M&A in the game industry. .

EnFi is the only game-specific FoF in the world, and in addition to domestic game companies, we have received investment from overseas investors as well, as it has been praised as a unique FoF. We will continue to seek investors, aiming for a total fund amount of 10 million US dollars (approximately 1.5 billion yen).

Additionally, the EnFi Global Game Fund has already concluded investment agreements with multiple game-specific funds in which major overseas game companies and IT companies also invest.

You can access the press release here .

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